Good Food Toronto

The Best Good Food Toronto is the largest meal-kit company in the country, and probably one of the largest in North America. It serves Montreal and other regions of Quebec, along with Ontario and British Columbia. As of January 2019, there were 200,000 subscribers to good food’s subscription service, accounting for about 40% to 45% of Canada’s meal kit market. In August 2019, announced its IPO initial public offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange, under the ticker FOOD.

Toronto Homes Are Using Goodfood Meal Kits!

Goodfood is already a recognized name in Good Food Toronto thanks to its on-demand and meal kit service, but it’s now becoming even more ingrained in Ontario culture. On Thursday, news broke that Goodfood was one of several companies to have signed a deal with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to develop homes across Ontario as part of its national efforts to build 50,000 affordable homes by 2026. To achieve this goal, CMHC will be developing 10 communities per year for five years to meet demand. There is great demand for affordable new housing, said David Hoffman, president, and CEO of CMHC.

 Goodfood has been active in Ontario for several years, but now it’s taking on a larger role in fulfilling a demand that many Ontarians have. Meal-kit delivery is one of today’s most popular online shopping categories, and people love our inventive healthy Good Food Toronto kits that deliver great taste and nutrition to their doors, said Arlene Spiegelman, founder, in a press release. is thrilled to be working with CMHC on new affordable housing developments across Ontario as we continue to transform how Canadians shop for good food. Goodfood certainly has played an important role in modernizing how people buy groceries in Canada.

A Home Meal and Meal Kit Company You Can Trust

The home meal and meal kit company you can trust is Good Food Toronto, a company that delivers fresh ingredients in easy-to-follow recipes. The kits come with staple ingredients to create nutritious, home-cooked meals that are delivered straight to your door. Whether you’re cooking for one or 10, there’s something for everyone on its menu veggie kits with ingredients like kale, beets, and sweet potatoes; options for cooks looking to try weekly meals plan adventurous recipes such as bourbon maple-glazed duck breast; or prepped favorites like meatballs in marinara sauce. Orders can be customized based on allergies or vegetarian needs and subscribers can change their preferences whenever they choose.

 Goodfood’s kits feature ingredients that are sourced locally, sustainably, and responsibly. Its menu changes four times a year to reflect each season. currently ships to subscribers in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, with plans to expand across Good Food Toronto in 2020. It also has a standalone e-commerce website where you can purchase its products without committing to a subscription. While there’s no doubt that home meal and meal kit companies continue to grow in popularity their growth rate increased by 63% from 2016-to 2017 and was perhaps too ahead of its time when it launched in Montreal in 2013. The on-demand delivery service shut down just three years later due to mounting losses and legal challenges from Canada Post.

The Best of Good food Toronto

As one of Canada’s largest food delivery services, Toronto is delivering more than 50% more orders than last year and growing. Its numbers are hard to match. The company’s growth has been driven by extensive marketing campaigns, partnerships with large grocery chains, and its Good Food Toronto in-home meal preparation kits. As a result, has become one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Founded in 2011, is a Canadian food delivery company based in Montreal. Over 90% of its customers are female and most are between 35 and 54 years old. The target audience is extremely desirable because it has demonstrated an ability to spend freely on high-quality products that they can’t easily prepare themselves.

The company offers meal kits, staples the Go Food line, pantry packs, and desserts. In 2017, started offering Goodfood Plus, which offers more than 70 new meal kit recipes per week. also launched a line of heat-and-eat dinners under its brand name in 2018 through Loblaw stores across Canada. Goodfood has a direct marketing approach, using an email database of more than 200,000 consumers to communicate with its customers. These digital campaigns are complemented by social media and Good Food Toronto content on, and Twitter. The company makes up for any direct marketing costs by charging a premium price for its products. is also able to generate revenue through partnerships with large grocery chains such as, and in Canada. This vertical integration allows reaching millions of customers at once. In addition to receiving commissions on each sale made through or mobile app, each grocer receives a percentage of all orders placed in their stores.